Saturday, August 2, 2014

Apparently I have been writing one movie review per year on Netflix. Looking back, I found this pretty amusing.

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Rolling Stones: 1963-1969

The Rolling Stones: 1963-1969: Music in Review

You rated this movie: 1.0
If it weren't for the brief glimpses at wonderful, rarely seen vintage footage, this would be worse than useless. I don't mind watching critics offer up their insights and telling stories about the artists (and there are few bands with better, more outrageous stories to be told about them than the Rolling Stones), but these little known critics clearly know almost nothing about the band they're yapping about, offering trite observations like "this song shows that Mick and Keith were becoming more confident as songwriters" or "this song is very dark and morbid, but I like it" OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And I haven't mentioned the numerous facts they get wrong, like saying "The Last Time" features one of those classic Keith Richards riffs and then cutting to some video footage that clearly shows Brian Jones playing the riff. It was like sitting in a bar full of self-important drunks trying to impress you with their knowledge and only showing how pathetically ignorant they are. A real waste of great footage.

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Live from Hurrah's New York

Live from Hurrah's New York

You rated this movie: 4.0
Worth it for the footage of bands you can't see anywhere else and a nice time capsule of arty New York circa 1980. Now the quibbles: SLOPPY archiving and researching, guys. Even putting aside the Psychedelic Furs no-show, you have some ludicrous stuff like a second Del Byzanteens song being credited to Magazine. Then there's the many mistitled songs like Pylon's "Gravity" being called "You Cannot", The Au Pairs' "Come Again" being called "Do It Again", and a fast instrumental number by the Monochrome Set being mistaken for their debut single "Alphaville". In the final credits, somebody actually got credited for "research," so we know who to blame. Still worth watching.

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You rated this movie: 2.0
About ten minutes into this stinker I started thinking "Where is Mystery Science Theater 3000 when we need them? The George Harrison score is absolutely sublime (and a longtime favorite album for decades), but the movie is mildly amusing psychedelic soft-porn kitsch at best, only not nearly as good as that description makes it sound. The creepy voyeur protagonist is apparently supposed to be funny and/or sympathetic, but is just painful to watch. Pick up the soundtrack, avoid the movie.
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Ear Candle Radio's Top 20 for July 2014

1. The Shaggs - Things I Wonder - Philosophy Of The World
2. Vanessa Paradis - Les Cactus Live - Vanessa Paradis Live
3. The Julie Ruin - Goodnight Goodbye - Run Fast
4. Rob K/MDA - Look in the Mirror - The Purgatory Home Companion
5. Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Needs Understanding - Tribute To The Emperor
6. Peter Tosh - I Am That I Am - Equal Rights
7. The Mountain Goats - Cao Dai Blowout - New Asian Cinema
8. Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power - Franco's Fleet Street - Here Come The Blues
9. The Granite Countertops - Daredevil - Planets Don't Twinkle
10. Paul Revere & the Raiders - Get It On - Midnight Ride
11. The Demilos - Misogyny - Naked Brunch
12. Pete Seeger - Garbage - Pete
13. The Holy Sisters Of The Gaga Dada - Paranoid - Radio Tokyo Tapes Vol. 4 - Women
14. Mammals - Robocop - Demos
15. Bjork - Submarine - Medulla
16. Zap Mama - Africa Sunset - 7
17. Trader Horne - In My Loneliness - Morning Way ...Plus
18. Robert Wyatt - Rivmic Melodies - '68
19. Public Image Limited - The Pardon - This is What you Want...This is What you Get
20. Eric's Trip - Secret For Julie - Love Tara