Monday, August 17, 2009

The history of misdirected indignation

Rage is all the rage, in the 90s '00s, rage is money
The righteous fury of a baby who won't share his toys
It's so easy to climb those charts
It's so easy to win those votes
Selling pointless, phony, blind, cheap, stupid powerless anger!
X-tal, "A Lemon Song" (1996)

Apparently, things have not really changed all that much. Adlai Stevenson knew how to handle these cretins back in the Sixties. Today's politicians could learn a thing or two from him.

Then there's the Barney Frank approach, which is fairly awesome in its own right. Arguing with a dining room table, indeed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

R.I.P. Les Paul

We bid a fond farewell to the guy who not only designed a classic electric guitar but who, along with Mary Ford, was a pioneer of overdubbing. (Hmmmm...take a married couple and multiply their voices and instruments until they sound like a full band...sounds like a useful concept!)

Also, here's a guy whose commitment to his craft was such that, when his right arm was shattered in a car crash and doctors told him his elbow would have to be set in one place for the rest of his life, he insisted that it be permanently bent into a guitar-playing position. How did the poor man sleep, one wonders?

Here's a little sunshine from Les and Mary:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh say can you see?

Best idea yet. Congresscritters, pay attention!

(Working on a new song inspired by this summer's astroturf riots against health care. It may be called either "Tool Revolution" or "There You Go, Astro Boy!")

Monday, August 3, 2009

J Neo Marvin performs SOLO at Hotel Utah

Have you seen my guy in action?

More coming!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Make it so!

I like the way this guy states his case.

Ear Candle Radio's Top 20: July 2009

The Art Ensemble of Chicago shoots to the top this month with a funky free-jazz number voiced by Fontella Bass (of "Rescue Me" fame): "Your love is like an oil well/dig, dig, dig it!" Chumbawamba's great conspiracy theory anthem comes from the last album by the definitive lineup; whatever happened to Alice Nutter? Return visits from Matthew Grasso (with the Nada Brahma Music Ensemble) and Takeshi Murata (our Japanese virtuoso friend) join the late Johnny Thunders for a symposium on what defines a guitar hero. Chris & Cosey appear with a sexy duet from their 80s debut, Slim Gaillard clucks it up, Harry Belafonte throws a party, and the Buzzcocks take a trip. Big Brother and the Holding Company contribute a whimsical 60s garage-band love song. Check out that girl doing backup vocals...I think we may be hearing more from her. Also, a first-time appearance for local artist Deborah Crooks, return visits from the Damned, Kevin Ayers, and our own Experimental Bunnies, and Lou Reed's amazing Frank Sinatra impersonation.

Don't touch that dial!

1. The Art Ensemble of Chicago with Fontella Bass - Theme De Yoyo - Les Stances a Sophie
2. Chumbawamba - Everything You Know Is Wrong - Un
3. Nada Brahma Music Ensemble - Papamagama - The Five Deadly Talas
4. Johnny Thunders - Pipeline - So Alone
5. Chris & Cosey - This Is Me - Heartbeat
6. Slim Gaillard - Chicken Rhythm - Vout For Voutoreenees
7. Harry Belafonte - Angelina - Jump Up Calypso
8. The Buzzcocks - Are Everything - A Different Kind of Tension
9. Big Brother And The Holding Company - Caterpillar - Big Brother And The Holding Company
10. Kevin Ayers - Run, Run, Run - The Unfairground
11. John Cooper Clarke - The Day My Pad Went Mad - C81
12. The Experimental Bunnies - Our Just Rewards Are Right Around The Corner - Biology And Physics
13. Eater - Outside View - The Album
14. Takeshi Murata - Decipher - Decipher
15. Deborah Crooks - Living Proof - Adding Water To The Ashes
16. The Damned - Lovely Money - Smash It Up: The Anthology 1976-1987
17. The Clean - Twist Top - Anthology- The Clean
18. Bonzo Dog Band - Rhinocratic Oaths - The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse
19. Lou Reed - Broadway Song - The Raven
20. Yo La Tengo - Spec Bebop - I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One

(blank): The band

In response to the continuously growing plethora of bands around the world who share our conviction that The Blame is a great band name, we have decided that the duo project of Davis Jones and J Neo Marvin (with occasional honored guests) needs to be renamed.

After coming up with a whole list of clever handles and finding a Myspace page has already been created for just about every one of them, we racked our brains and scratched our heads until Davis suggested, what about The Full Disclosure Principle, which had been the title of the first Blame release? The more we kicked it around, the better it sounded, and no one else is using it. (Accounting jokes are not very big in the rock & roll scene in general, so we have staked out some new territory here.)

With a fresh name and a fresh attitude, The Full Disclosure Principle continue to piece together their first full-length album in their kitchen studio; Change Is All There Is will be the next digital release on the Ear Candle Productions label. It's gonna be a humdinger, we promise you.

UPDATE: Still working on a name. Don't think it'll be this one. Watch this space.