Saturday, September 28, 2013

A land that I have heard about

Bunny Wailer's signature tune "Dreamland": a haunting, ethereal song of romance and yearning for the promised land, right? Except it turns out Bunny didn't actually write it:

(WNY-FM gives us more info on the original and the group that performed it.)

Nice (though rudely interrupted) clip of Bunny singing his version:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The doltishness never ends

Charles Pierce on why we can't have nice things. As if procedural filibusters weren't bad enough, now we have talking non-filibusters designed to fool the rubes. And the morons at Politico eat it right up. Makes me want to go turn on Netflix and stream some more old episodes of Aaron Sorkin's Wishful Thinking Theater. Or rewatch the whole first season of House Of Cards. Now Francis Underwood, there's an evil conservative politician you can believe in!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Deep End podcast: Saints, God, and Death

A wide-ranging, energetic show with everything from devoutly spiritual proto-punks to nine-minute atheist ballads. The Deep End on KSFS, where we stare into the void and wink, and the void winks back.

The Deep End - Show 2.3 - Sept. 23, 2013 by Thedeepend on Mixcloud

Like A Shot Off A Shovel

Got a shout-out from the great Roy Edroso for riffing on James Joyce through a wingnut looking glass. Needless to say, my ego is pleased. Thanks for the hat-tip, friend.

Please, please, please, let me get what I want!

Now that Universal Music is committed to fighting against the wonderful This Charming Charlie page, it's only appropriate to discover another brilliant reappropriation of the Smiths, courtesy of Dangerous Minds. First world problems, indeed. Let's make this thing go viral!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Deep End #2.2: Finding our feet

Had to overcome some technical difficulties to bring you this podcast (and the DJ banter has some audio glitches), but I could not bear the thought of allowing last night's great KSFS show to slip down the memory hole. We start with George Faith and Lee Scratch Perry and end with The Stooges featuring the mighty Steve Mackay, covering all manner of points in between. Dig it!

The Deep End - Show 2.2 - Sept. 16, 2013 by Thedeepend on Mixcloud

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Deep End of the Fall

New podcast up! A successful first solo KSFS show. I pressed all the right buttons and managed not to blow anything up.

The Deep End - Show 2.1 - Sept. 9, 2013 by Thedeepend on Mixcloud

Monday, September 9, 2013

New And Improved Deep End

Set your clocks for 8:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, Sept. 9, when I'll be on KSFS Radio debuting this season's incarnation of The Deep End. Tune in, listen, and send me some comments!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ear Candle Radio's Top 20: August 2013

1. The Mekons - Fight the Cuts - Punk Rock
2. Chastity Belt - Seattle Party - Seattle Party (single)
3. Tuxedomoon - Litebulb Overkill - Desire/No Tears
4. Kraftwerk - Tongebirge - Ralf And Florian
5. Dillinger - The General - CB 200
6. The Sweater Girls - Alternative Ulster - Rebuilding The Bridge
7. Psychic TV And The Angels Of Light - Godstar [Hyperdelic Mix] - Godstar 12"
8. The Mekons - Afar & Forlorn - Ancient & Modern 1911 - 2011
9. Walt Kelly And Others - Go-Go Pogo - Songs Of The Pogo
10. Thee Outside - Testcard - Deaf Disco
11. Mezmetic - Ain't Gotta Go Fa' - A Handful Of Sand (... And A Strange Distant Wave)
12. The Love Dogs - Universal Indians - The Love Dogs
13. Jeffrey Horn - That Love Is Gone - Infinite Love
14. The Fall - Systematic Abuse - Reformation Post T.L.C.
15. The Wailers - Mr. Brown (DJ Spooky remix) - Creation Rebel
16. Tall Dwarfs - Two Minds - Stumpy
17. Solex - Solex In A Slipshod Style - Solex Vs the Hitmeister
18. Jimmy Cliff - Under The Sun, Moon And Stars - Unlimited
19. Helium - Lucy - Hole In The Ground 7"
20. Deerhoof - Spy On You - The Runners Four