Sunday, March 18, 2012

What they don't say when they scold us about the work ethic

Some insights on how prosperity really happens (or doesn't):
...I visited a group of Haitian mango farmers a few years ago. Each farmer had no more than one or two mango trees, even though their land lay along a river that could irrigate their fields and support hundreds of trees. So why didn’t they install irrigation pipes? Were they ignorant, indifferent? In fact, they were quite savvy and lived in a region teeming with well-intended foreign-aid programs. But these farmers also knew that nobody in their village had clear title to the land they farmed. If they suddenly grew a few hundred mango trees, it was likely that a well-connected member of the elite would show up and claim their land and its spoils. What was the point?

No More Mister Nice Blog points out the obvious: we could be heading in the same direction here, especially if we keep asking the wrong questions.

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