Sunday, March 4, 2012

This ball is square

The ongoing collapse of the right wing is more than I ever could have predicted. One thing these people always had going for them is message discipline, not to mention the deep pockets to back it up. Now the masks are falling off along with the wheels. If we had a strong, unified progressive movement in the US, we might be able to do something with this momentum. Maybe when President Warren is inaugurated in 2017 we can truly move away from the cliff.

The amusing part is seeing the "sensible centrists" bemoan this COMPLETELY NEW extremism in the Republican party that we have never, ever seen before. Oh how, oh how could we have come to this unprecedented point? HA! 'Twas always thus. Check your history. They've just lost the ability to wrap it in the economic and militaristic "grownups in charge" window dressing they used to know how to use.

I hope these guys stay on this hobby horse the rest of the year. The worst thing would be if they rediscovered their Machiavellian shrewdness and remembered how to win in November. I remain confident right now that, without their BFF Osama Bin Laden releasing scary videos every few months, the public is no longer enthralled with this bunch and their transparent authoritarianism in "freedom" drag.

Keep on crowing boys. Your overconfidence is going to bring you down.

UPDATE: Oh, but he's SORRY! Isn't that enough?

(Also, ain't nobody who can deconstruct the fools as deftly as the mighty Cerberus.)

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