Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I can only express this rage in links

Phil Nugent doesn't feel like talking about politics, then proceeds to do so, with white-hot righteous anger. It's beautiful.

Doghouse wishes he had something original to say, then proceeds to give us some original, distilled truth.

Meanwhile, in the Village Voice, Roy parses the sentences of the blather machine and unearths some uglies in the comments section. Bring your hip waders.

Jesse gives us a crash course in empathy, then lays it out more simply for the slower ones in the audience.

Are we ready to clean up the dog poop yet?

1 comment:

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

For a brief moment, I really thought they would leave this matter alone... I was wrong, so wrong. The crazy thing is that they are all saying the same goddamn thing- I'd say they have a hive mind, but it's more like a hive ass that they pull this shit out of.

It's really hard not to hate them... in my better moments, I merely pity them for their fear and ignorance, but they make it so hard not to hate them.