Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robyn O'Brien gives us the lowdown on the toxic swill we call food in America

We buy poisonous agribusiness-grown food for ourselves and our kids, which makes us sick. Then we go to our doctor to be treated, and our crappy health insurance (or none at all) forces us to pay an arm and a leg to be "treated". And corporations make a bundle every step of the way. Diabolically clever of them, isn't it?

Meanwhile, other countries have banned the kinds of genetically-mutated, patented, pesticide-filled foodlike products that are the staples of our dinner table. We could do the same, but we don't, because we are AMERICA and we are FREE! A sea change in US food policy would seem to logically go hand in hand with health care reform, if our political system and our media were not under the thumb of the very people who make all of this possible.

Spread the word. It ain't gonna spread itself.

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