Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lifeless masses of matter that resemble vegetables

If "conventional" produce (which is anything but) was not subsidized by the government while organic farmers are forced to pay extra to do the work they do, the whole "but organic food is so EXPENSIVE!" argument would disappear overnight. Me, I'll take the yam that sprouts when left to its own devices.

When I was a naive young punk rock hipster, I was a bit embarrassed to admit I grew up on a farm. Now, when I look back, I realize I was exposed to things my peers never knew, and that younger generations can't afford to take for granted.

Not to over-romanticize things too much because my dad did try using chemical fertilizers sometimes and he did die of colon cancer, but even so, it was a family farm, which a lot of kids have never seen. Everyone could benefit from a spell of tilling the soil, just to see how this stuff actually comes out of the ground.

What's happening to the food you find in American stores and restaurants is a travesty, so bear with me as I harp on the subject. The fun and music of our blog has not ended; it's just taking a time out.

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