Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun stuff to stumble on whilst poking through Wikipedia

How awesome is the small Welsh town of Aberystwyth? Awesome enough to have had both former Incredible String Band bassist Rose Simpson and Sue Jones-Davies, who played Judith in Monty Python's Life Of Brian, serve as mayor there.

Update: OK, perhaps not quite so awesome since, due to the influence of the local vicars, Life Of Brian is actually banned in Aberystwyth, despite Mayor Jones-Davies' best efforts. No word at this time whether you can find rare ISB albums at the local shops.

Son Of Update: I didn't even notice when I posted this last night, that one of these mayors is a Simpson, and the other is a Jones. Hmmm, maybe we should move there. Wanna be a Welsh mayor, Davis?

1 comment:

Davis Jones said...

Well, Hell, Yeah!

I prefer US Secretary of the Treasury!

I would get to audit, coach, analyze, challenge, argue, make decisions AND BALANCE THE BUDGET WHILE KEEPING REGULATORY LAWS IN PLACE.

"GOOGLE ME OBAMA! I want to be Treasurer of The United States of America."

But really, I am surprised that a girl from Wales would insist a film that has a nude scene of her in it be released in the town she is mayor of.... I find that ballsy. And kinda cool that she has balls.

I am looking forward to revisiting that film soon.