Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ear Candle Radio's Top 20: October 2008

From now on, we'll be posting our charts here on the blog, as well as on the Ear Candle Home page.

The three new artists Davis mentioned previously have all made a fine showing in this month's charts. Congratulations, and happy post-Halloween.

We also have a hot, bubbling organ instrumental by reggae great Jackie Mittoo topping the charts, with a rare vinyl single by Sid Merritt of Weenie Roast, Barbara Manning and Content Providers fame following close behind, and a bittersweet plea from New Orleans' own Irma Thomas coming in third. Elsewhere we have the ultimate Shonen Knife song, "Giant Kitty", a rarity from the little known all-female San Francisco band of the 60s, Ace Of Cups, Sonic Youth's cover of the title song from one of our favorite movies of last year, a sad drugstore cowboy lament from JJ Schulz, and another great track from the incredible solo debut of Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata.

Keep tuning in to Ear Candle Radio. We are planning an all-new playlist soon!

1. Jackie Mittoo - Oboe - The Keyboard King at Studio One
2. Squirrel Grab - In Love With Barry Manilow - Mediumistic Presents The Golden Tones Of Squirrel Grab
3. Irma Thomas - Wish Someone Would Care - Time Is On My Side
4. Beyond the Fringe - Aftermyth of War - Beyond the Fringe
5. Ana Da Silva - Friend - The Lighthouse
6. Systemwide - Eyupsultan - Pure And Applied
7. Shonen Knife - Giant Kitty - Genki Shock!
8. Marson Ramos - The Halloween Theme - The Halloween Night
9. Takeshi Murata - Decipher - Decipher
10. Liliput/ Kleenex - Turn The Table - Liliput/ Kleenex
11. JJ Schultz - Song Of The Independent Rancher - Bustin' Outa Town
12. Ace Of Cups - Glue - Love Is The Song We Sing (Disc 3)
13. The Rolling Stones - Going Home - Aftermath
14. Phil Manzanera - Frontera - Diamond Head
15. Dean Farnell - Ghost On The Stairs - Ghost On The Stairs
16. Jenny Hoyston - Spell D-O-G - Isle Of
17. Sonic Youth - I'm Not There - I'm Not There Soundtrack
18. The Soft Boys - There's Nobody Like You - Underwater Moonlight
19. Paleface - World Full of Cops - Paleface
20. The Dirtbombs - Ever Lovin' Man - We Have You Surrounded

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