Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is now

Party on!

What a relief. So America, one wheel already hanging off the edge of the cliff, turns out to have enough presence of mind to turn off at the last minute. Now we get to see whether Mr. Obama can govern as well as he campaigns, whether there will be any accountability for the criminals who got us in the mess we are in today, whether the economy has a chance (and whether Democrats have the guts to be even one-tenth as radical as the right wing pundits like to pretend they are) and how culture will shift as a result of all this.

Best thing I read all week: an e-mail from my mom.

We have splurged on a bottle of Martinelli Sparkling Cider that will be opened in celebration tomorrow night when Obama wins the election!! It will be so refreshing to have a man of intelligence, morals, and dignity in the White House. Our country and the world's perception of us will change overnite. Don't be surprised--we aren't so stupid as to think McCain would make a decent president, or Heaven Forfend, Palin. What an embarrassment to women and America she is.

Ha ha, funny thing: Our latest mailing from Netflix is The Weather Underground, which I want to watch one more time before I write a review. Now that Bill Ayers is officially a non-issue, I may be a couple weeks too late, but such is life. Here at Ear Candle, we serve no whine before it's time.


Davis Jones said...

I am so relieved.

I feel like I have been holding up the world since 09/11/01, bitching my head off, making no friends....

now I am thinking maybe noodlebrain is done?

J Neo Marvin said...

A noodlebrain's work is never done.