Monday, April 1, 2013

Ear Candle Radio's Top 20 for March 2013

Items of note this month include: a take on Mr. Rogers that justifies the invention of Autotune; a great Belafonte track from Island In The Sun, a movie that should have been better than it turned out to be; a protest-punk number from the 80s San Francisco band MJB; a Joe Meek pop song founded on some rather shaky assumptions; our own label represented here by X-tal and the Granite Countertops; and a cool track from the mysterious Visible Targets, a Seattle band of atypical girls from the early 80s, captured on the first cassette compilation from an obscure zine/label called Sub Pop. Dip deep, darlings!

1. The Who - Dogs - 30 Years Of Maximum R&B
2. Mister Rogers Remixed - Garden of Your Mind - Mister Rogers Remixed
3. Harry Belafonte - Lead Man Holler - Belafonte Sings of the Caribbean
4. The Supremes - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - Compact Command Performances: 20 Greatest Hits
5. MJB - Income - How To Abandon Earth
6. Lou Reed - Love Makes You Feel - Lou Reed
7. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Night Shift - Rastaman Vibration
8. Pink Floyd - Main Theme - More
9. Glenda Collins - It's Hard to Believe It - Joe Meek: The Alchemist of Pop: Home Made Hits and Rarities 1959-1966
10. The Soul Syndicate - Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown - Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown
11. Siouxsie and the Banshees - 20th Century Boy - Downside Up
12. Kevin Ayers - Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes - Whatevershebringswesing
13. The Granite Countertops - Haystack - Crashing Into The Future
14. X-tal - Union Sunrise - Who Owns Our Dreams
15. Visible Targets - Just For Money - Sub Pop 5 - Cassette 'Zine
16. Shorty Long - Night Fo' Last - Essential Collection
17. Le Tigre - Don't Drink Poison - This Island
18. Ken Nordine - Faces in the Jazzamatazz - The Best of Word Jazz, Vol. 1
19. Heavens To Betsy - Firefly - These Monsters Are Real
20. The Fall - Mike's Love Hexagon - The Real New Fall Album: Formerly 'Country On The Click'

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