Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brain In A Chair

A sneak preview of the next Granite Countertops album. Life for the last nine months has pretty much proceeded as follows:

Brain in a chair, going nowhere
Stuck in your brain and forgetting to care
Get out of that chair and go get some air
Better start treating your body fair

Eyes glaze as you're turning a phrase
Limbs fold up as you gaze and gaze
So much stress trying to get things done
Brain in a chair ain't having no fun

Mind like a fire, ass like a stone
Can't live on numbers and words alone
So much to remember, so much to forget
And somebody's wrong on the Internet.

Brain in a chair, lost in its lair
Cracks in my shoulders give me a scare
Stiff aching fingers never touch a guitar
Time to go somewhere and let's make it far

Haven't had water for twelve solid hours
Riding the wave of my mental powers
All my biology washed down the drain
Nothing left in this chair but a brain

Brain in a chair, going nowhere
Time to stand up and get out of there
Move your body and set yourself free
Go into the bedroom...turn on the TV.

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