Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waiting For The Miracle

Something stupid came on TV yesterday. Here's the best quote from this witness:
It’s not, of course, that I wish to downplay the most World-Historical Significantest event in the history of doughy insane cable television lunatic hucksters yelping soppy tedious halfwit whiny bullshit to morons. Gosh no. It was as momentously momentous and miraculously marvelous as advertised, I’m sure. But I had other, better things to do, like sort socks and check to see if the paint was drying properly.
Well, OK, not so much a witness, maybe.

Being morbidly curious, we did watch some of it. The gist seemed to be that God is good, Martin Luther King was good but his legacy has been hijacked by people who just talk about racism all the time and aren't even white, we are threatened by some horrific vague threat that threatens us, and while we're full of love and goodwill, you'd better get off America's lawn. Davis was wondering what sort of elaborately staged "miracle" was going to occur, but the only miracle turned out to be the lovely new suit the emperor was wearing, which can only be seen by the people that count. Perhaps the miracle was the way the hate speech was kept on the down-low this time around.

I do remember the anti-war demonstrations of 2003, which drew millions across the country and around the world, but somehow were just not newsworthy enough to rate a place on our teevees, unlike yesterday's Burning Man For Dummies event. Must be that liberal media bias again.

UPDATE: The very thoughtful and valuable Mahablog offers an analysis with a little less snark and a little more wisdom, as usual.

SON OF UPDATE: The inimitable Doghouse Riley volunteers some very badly needed perspective.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Davis was wondering what sort of elaborately staged "miracle" was going to occur

The miracle is that the Southern Baptist bigots haven't figured out that the guy is a Mormon, and come after him.

Burning Man For Dummies

Book Burning Man

Substance McGravitas said...

Was there any crying?

J Neo Marvin said...

He was still warming up to that point when we watched.