Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have recently been hit with a misdemeanor charge for "Failure To Blog" by the authorities. My alibi: Facebook has eaten my brain. Will resume regular posting as the novelty wears off.

Sort of on topic: the Club Mekon mailing list is putting together their second Mekons tribute compilation. (The first, I Have Been To Harehills And Back, included the first release of the Content Providers' take on "Sometimes I Feel Like Fletcher Christian") In a tribute to the aforementioned brain-eating, time-sucking social media website, our ever-waggish UK comrades on the list have given the upcoming compilation the title ARSEBOOK. All potential proceeds will go to Amnesty International, who can always use more support for their good work. The Granite Countertops will contribute a cover of "Hard To Be Human" that will surprise you.

In other Ear Candle news, our former housemate and Content Providers lead guitarist Glenn Stevens visited from Qatar with his wife and two-year-old daughter and by the time they left, we had the seeds of five more new Experimental Bunnies tracks. Some of these should show up on the new album, due by the end of this year. We are busy!

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