Saturday, April 24, 2010

While we're on the subject of Bonzos

Just got our tickets for Neil Innes at Cobb's Comedy Club in SF next Wednesday. I'll be flying to New York at the crack of dawn Thursday morning with the Beards, so there won't be much sleep in between, but I'll probably spend the flight half asleep, dreaming silly, melodic dreams.

Here is a poignant animated video of a recent Innes recording, said to be the last-ever Rutles song.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! That's one of his best songs ever, and the video is brilliant!

J Neo Marvin said...

And a great gig it was too. Must sleep now and get on a plane in the morning, so I can't go into detail now. The audience-participation singalong on "Cheese And Onions" was great.