Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's go back to your childhood...childhood...childhood...

A BBC documentary on the late great Vivian Stanshall from the 90s, filmed towards the end of his life and aired shortly after his passing. Like many great humorists, he lived an often tragic life, and his death (passed out drunk in a burning house) was horrible. But let's remember him for his sweet irreverence, his joyful twisting of language, and the hilarity and glee he brought to the world.

Keep your eye on the backing band in the musical segments. Yes, that is the Mekons' Susie Honeyman on violin and keyboards. How cool is that? (Not to mention: the great Bonzo hornman Rodney Slater on bass saxophone. My failed youthful forays into attempting to learn to play sax were inspired by Rodney Slater and Ian Underwood.)

With the recently reissued Bonzo Dog Band albums raising their profile higher than it's been in years, it's good to see Vivian Stanshall getting renewed attention. Don't miss this.

And once you get hooked, The Doo Dah Diaries is a new website devoted to chronicling the complete history of the Bonzo Dog Band. Here is where you go next when you've run out of Monty Python references. Pull up your trousers and take a deep whiff of the sweet smell of giraffe.

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Mod-est Lads said...

God's turban and tutu, that's wonderful! Too bad it wasn't a couple of hours longer, but as long as it helps perpetuate the memory of Viv and the Bonzos and introduces them to people whose lives have not yet been enriched by their unique musical stylings, that's just a minor quibble.

There are also some clips of the Bonzos in their prime on YouTube that are well worth checking out.