Sunday, February 21, 2010

Under construction

We're working on a fresh new playlist for Ear Candle Radio, which hopefully won't take more than a month to finish off. You can look forward to lively sets for getting on the good foot and letting go, a set for these high pressure days, musical debates on the value of belief, a trip to Tuva, Cambodia, Afghanistan and elsewhere with Frank Sinatra, and many more crazy ideas and surprising music.

In the meantime, the station is set to random shuffle. You might catch some new additions among the firm favorites that have graced our airwaves the past couple years. And while we're at it, if you have something utterly amazing that we just have to hear, the time has never been better to drop us a line. We are, as we mentioned, assembling a new playlist as we speak. There's a chance you may have just what we are looking for.


Mod-est Lads said...

I just heard you play some Ken Nordine and would love to hear more, please! No one is better at massaging the mind's eye!

And it's great to hear you're planning to reach deep into the heart of Tuva! That throbbing throat music is fantastic!

J Neo Marvin said...

[cenobite voice]Oh, we have SO MUCH TO SHOW YOU[/cenobite voice]

Mod-est Lads said...

LOL! I can't wait!