Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crashing Into The Future is now up on iTunes (our official announcement)

The rooster crows, the tiger roars, and something rocking this way comes.

Our newest band on Ear Candle Productions, the Granite Countertops, have unleashed their 12-song debut album, CRASHING INTO THE FUTURE.

The Granite Countertops are dark, whimsical, tender existential action heroes J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones, plus honored guests Matthew Grasso, Lizzie Borden, Junko Suzuki, Mark Parsons, and Stephen Abbate. The music ranges from noisy motivational dance tunes and flamenco/raga/trip-hop protest to populist cowbell rock, conflict-habituated jazz-dub, dissonant garage love ballads and trenchant chatty dronefests. 10 new original numbers, plus two covers of songs by Robert Wyatt and Donovan. It's a sonic pocket zeitgeist for 2010, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

Tantalizing previews and buy buttons can be found here.

And song lyrics and detailed song credits can be found here.

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