Sunday, September 6, 2009

Won't you let me see?

One of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs. I had no idea he made a video for it. Check out these hot dancers:

Hat tip to A Tune For Today, a great new blog you all should be reading.


Davis Jones said...

I LOVE this piece! It captures the lure of love endorphins and promises that desires be fulfilled.

Shearnster said...

Thanks for referencing my blog in yours and thanks for the praise.

Anyway the video for the Leonard Cohen song was actually made about six years after the it was released. It is part of a film made in 1983 called I am Hotel that was directed by Leonard Cohen himself. the film itself is essentially an extended promo piece featurimg some of his old songs. Parts of the film are scattered about on You Tube.

Anyway my Blog is still going strong the last entry was on scritti politti and i have embedded a feature length documentary on british label Rough Trade (the label who signed The Smiths) which i wholeheartedly recommend.