Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nine Versions and the widget

You may have noticed that we have added a widget to the blog, located at the top right just above the links, blogroll, etc. Our digital distributor, Tunecore, is now providing these to its clients, which is cool; you get to turn it on and hear a selection of the various releases we've put out on our label through them. Great, huh?

We should let you know, though, that we have a new release by J Neo Marvin & the Content Providers called Nine Versions, which compiles six previously-released cover versions by the band plus three more we never put out before that we cut in 2005 and are happy to finally find a home for.

Nine Versions, with amusing Hollywood-Squares-esque cover art by Davis Jones, will be available very soon. HOWEVER, while you can enjoy tracks from this album on our widget right now, the "buy" link won't be functional until then. Since we have already paid the writers of these cover versions via the venerable Harry Fox Agency, we hope you will help us get our investment back by using the iTunes link. Now that the music business has evolved into a glorified honor system, we rely on the goodwill of our dear friends in the cyber-fog.

What, you say you want NEW material? Just you wait, darlings.

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Davis Jones said...

That's right! Our new CD or digital release is called "Change is All There Is". We are developing along with some really fabulous guests that we would like to work more with, so stay tuned. Should be ready by late fall.

We are now officially known as the band "The Granite Countertops" because we have been reduced to a size in which our music is made in the kitchen. We laugh a lot and produce broadcast quality fun!

We are amused and trust you can be too! Give it a listen. You are in control of the controls. Don't forget where they are!