Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You can set your clocks to the sanctimony

Somehow, as soon as the news came out about Dr. George Tiller's murder on Sunday, I instinctively knew that Chris Matthews would have Will Saletan on his show Monday night and the two of them would respond to this act of religious/political terrorism by sensitively and compassionately scolding all those selfish women who won't meet the pro-lifers halfway for a sensible compromise on the oh-so-troubling issue of abortion.

Imagine my surprise last night when I was correct! I must be psychic or something.

UPDATE: More thoughtful sensitivity from the thoughtfully sensitive Mr. Saletan. Thank you for sharing, dude.


J Neo Marvin said...

Had my psychic powers really been up to speed, I would have also predicted that there would also be a woman on during the same segment, and Matthews would have made a point of telling her to shut up so the men can talk.

Gotta love our liberal media.

Davis Jones said...

What bothered me a lot was the fact that they did not put any attention on the murderer or his association with the American terrorist group that caused Mr. Tiller's death.

Since when in America do we condone murder? Find excuses for murder? Or allow a religious right group to hide their guilty? Why doesn't MSNBC, a so called liberal station, go after Scott Roeder like they went after Rod Blagovich?

Are their priorities messed up or are they complicit in keeping the self righteious murdering organization Operation Rescue alive in America?

"Prosecutors charged Scott Roeder with first-degree murder in the death of late-term abortion provider George Tiller. Roeder was charged Tuesday and made a brief court appearance. The 51-year-old appeared via video from the Sedgwick County jail. Roeder is accused of shooting Tiller to death Sunday as the doctor served as an usher at his Lutheran church in Wichita. Roeder also is charged with aggravated assault for allegedly threatening two people who tried to stop him. Police have said it appears the gunman acted alone."

No mention of the picture that Operation Rescue posted saying Scott Roeder is an American Hero for killing Dr. Tiller, who is one of America's legally operating doctors. This is not my America.

J Neo Marvin said...

If a guy shoots somebody on the street while committing a robbery, do we get to read reams of soul-searching from overpaid media pundits about the need to find common ground with the criminal, who after all is operating under his own equally-valid belief system? Saletan is the ultimate parody of what the right considers to be the wishy-washy, hand-wringing, morally-relative liberal mind, though of course his "liberal moral relativity" only operates in certain arenas that are convenient for him to operate in. The man is pure vileness and patriarchal privilege with a "human" face and I have zero respect for him. And Matthews is a complete tool for having him as a regularly-appearing "voice of reason" on Hardball.

Now that we have a Democrat in the White House, and a black one at that, the militia scum are starting to crawl out from under the rocks. Napolitano's Homeland Security report on right-wing domestic terrorism was right on the mark. She should have had the ovaries to stand by it instead of letting the Republican whiners pressure her department into withdrawing it.