Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's not allow this to fall down the memory hole

The Rude Pundit's latest missive is as rude as usual, full of lurid, ugly fantasies about the lurid, ugly Ann Coulter that are par for the course in Rude Punditland and cathartic for many of us who are sick to death of our entitled and coddled opinion-generator class, but the end of the post contains a real bombshell that should be read by everyone interested in the truth behind the Tiller assassination, not just the strong-stomached ones who can handle RP's um, robust brand of commentary. In the interest of raising more questions, I reproduce this quote from one of his readers.
"For some few years I volunteered as an escort at Dr. Tiller’s and several other clinics. I didn’t know the good doctor well, but met with him on several occasions and was impressed with his kindness and the care he obviously felt for the women who needed his services.

"Of course I have been heartbroken by his assassination, but I’m not so full of hate towards his killer. I’ve seen too many of his kind on the lines; in fact I remember seeing him. We knew Mr. Roeder as 'Prom Queen' from the flowers he usually carried there, and the screaming fits he would throw when approached by escorts. He was one of many not-too-bright mentally ill recruited by various self-appointed fundie leaders who groomed them to scream the threats they themselves were so careful not to utter aloud.

"I’m pretty sure that he has been exploited again to shoot Dr. Tiller. I don’t know who is using him this time- when I saw him, he was in Troy Newman’s stable of nuts, but the fundie leaders are an incestuous bunch who tend to swap followers as needed.

"According to papers Roeder filed today, his possessions amount to a 16yr.-old Taurus and $10, and he only works occasionally at minimum-wage jobs. Yet he managed to finance several 400-mile round trips to Wichita from the KC area in the last month to case the church and know Dr. Tiller by sight, bought a handgun, gas and meals etc. Also, he asked- begged- for bail to be set today, despite his total lack of assets. Obviously, the poor bastard expects someone to post it, all of which leads me to believe that he is not the solitary nutcase the fundies claim he is.

"Somebody had to put him up to it, help him plan it and pay his expenses, and will now feed him to the sharks. Hopefully, and maybe with a bit of psych help, he will realize how he was used and name names."
OK now, can we get some research on this pronto, before this conspiracy gets swept under the rug?


Davis Jones said...

Wow! Thanks for posting that bit. That is so sad, he probably felt important as they were giving him money to live on and to pay for his weapon. They probably told him that they could guarantee his freedom.

Let's see if they try and if they can. If they can, then justice has been bought somewhere along the line from killer to freeman.

Righteous Bubba said...

Yeesh. Oh well. More criminals in jail I hope.

Captcha is outual.

Ian Schultz said...

Classic interview answer of the week...

How did you land on the band name?
Brad: Well basically we saw there were all these Crystal bands
JB: Yeah we jumped on the hype wave.
Brad: Yeah we didn’t know about these bands. It was kind of in a dream of mine but I just thought the concept of a Crystal Stilts was kind of funny. And I thought it represented what we were doing at that time pretty well - it was kinda chaotic.