Sunday, March 22, 2009

Times are tough---buy some stuff!


And considering all the great things we add to the world, from our music, our videos and our radio station, to this very blog, we're not too shy to ask for it. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to contribute that won't cost very much and will also give you something to show for it.

If you love our station, you can become a Live 365 VIP member. When VIP members tune in to our station, we get paid for the time they listen. Right now, it's enough to begin to offset our monthly fees; it would be wonderful if we got to the point where the station could pay for itself!

We have lots of music for sale on our home page. CDs by J Neo Marvin and the Content Providers and X-tal are available through our favorite distributor, CD Baby.

And we have mp3s for sale by the Experimental Bunnies and the Blame available on our Tunecore page. Come check these out. Buy your favorite songs, or buy the entire album! Remember, anything you buy, large or small, helps make it possible to bring you more of this good stuff!

Commission a video from us! We can do a two-camera shoot, professionally and artistically edited, for a reasonable rate. Check out some of our work:

Indian classical fusion from the Nada Brahma Music Ensemble

Madame P at the Undisclosed Location

Erase Errata at the Bottom Of The Hill

We have a Cafe Press page where you can order T-shirts, mugs and buttons featuring our snazzy Ear Candle Radio logo. Get yourself a conversation piece while supporting the station that never fails to surprise.

We know there are a lot of people out there who like what we do. Here's a chance to get some cool cheap stuff for yourself and help keep us afloat in these perilous times. Thanks for being there.