Friday, March 13, 2009

"It wasn't my fault! I wanted to belong!"

Just follow the link and watch the video, then come back.

Why is it that we require a comedian to give us some proper news on TV? I don't follow these cable business channels, so I missed all the shenanigans on CNBC. But it's hard to avoid this clown Jim Cramer and his show when you're channel-surfing. People put their faith in these characters, and they basically defrauded them. And Jon Stewart has been doing a bang-up job lately exposing the scam. (Who really thought he would run out of material when the Democrats took office? Not me. There is SO MUCH to expose and mock out there.)

So Cramer has been running around defending himself indignantly against this mere "comedian" who has attacked him, finding sympathetic ears with the odious likes of Joe Scarborough. But this clip stunned me. The man gets a chance to face his accuser, and what happens? He folds like an accordion. Look at him in the video. The word is ABJECT. He's kissing ass and promising to do better, like a teenager caught sneaking a cigarette in the backyard.

There is rot in the American capitalist system that this stimulus won't come close to touching. When you look at the hard times you are going through, don't forget: somebody has profited from this, and they are still doing so, and when they get caught red-handed in front of a camera, all they can do is shrug sheepishly, "oh, it's true, I'm a bad boy!" You just know every one of these slimeballs has a dominatrix on call to give them the punishment they crave, and they walk out after their appointment thinking that they have purged themselves and their conscience is clean. No, more and more of us trying to make ends meet in a sinking economy want to see some accountability, and we want to see it now. At least there are comedians who get it. Thank you Jon Stewart.

This song still says it all. We are working on new Blame material to round out our next digital release. There is so much to say, both personal and political, and we need words and music that are strong enough to describe it and speak for these times. And when the commercials for "" coming from the other room start to sound like the ultimate in anemic indie-rock, you know it's time to pull out the big guns and remember what the point of all this music was in the first place.


Righteous Bubba said...

He's a reason for high taxes.

There will always be shitbags like that, but perhaps they can be of use by putting tax dollars into the pot.

To, uh, pay for foreign adventures.

J Neo Marvin said...

If it doesn't involve sending me and my wife on a nice long European vacation, I say to hell with the foreign adventures.

IAn Schultz said...