Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just like spring rain

Ear Candle Productions is busy with several things at once, just the way we like it!

The second ambient electronic set by Dr. Spaceman, entitled MENNO!, with dramatic, Neu-referencing cover art to match, is mastered and ready to go. Available soon at all your finer mp3 shacks.

BUNNIES AT LARGE, the fifth Experimental Bunnies collection, is tantalizingly near completion. Ten songs, ten years in the making, ten amazing musical contributors. This time around, we veer into jazz territory with free form horns everywhere. Hope you like our new direction. Coming in April, probably.

The post punk singer-songwriter project is still on the back burner. We still need a "band name." This morning I said "too bad the name Magazine is already taken" (because this will be created from the works of many different contributors) and Davis Jones said "what about 'Pamphlet'?" We'll see if it sticks.

Also coming up: new Granite Countertops videos! Lots of new ideas a-cookin'.

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