Sunday, July 22, 2012

For those who are so sure...

an armed bystander would have "solved the problem"...
And yet I am led to understand that one person, who just happened to be carrying a piece would have calmly and with great presence of mind taken out the shooter just like he was Jason Bourne or whoever that guy is that Bruce Willis plays in those shitty Die Hard movies. Better yet, what if there were two or even three Jason Bourne-wannabes returning fire? Awesome! But how exactly would the brave hero in row thirty-two know that the guy in row twelve, who was also busy blasting away in the noise and the chaos, wasn’t James Holmes' wingman? Then the guy in row twenty-one sees the guy in thirty-two shooting at the guy in twelve and he has to make the decision which one is the bad guy … or maybe both. Then the police bust in and the whole thing looks like Reservoir Dogs but with more collateral damage.

You get the idea.
Yes, we do.


Davis Jones said...


zombie rotten mcdonald said...


guy in audience has a piece. OK. What's it carrying, 8 rounds? 10? 12?

The shooter had at least one high-capacity magazine (100 rounds!) and several weapons. Not to mention body armor.

So after missing several times, hitting some innocent bystanders, maybe shooting himself, audience member is out of ammo. And the only thing changed is that more people are dead.

J Neo Marvin said...

"People get all emotional
And sometimes they just don't act rational
You know, they think they're just on TV"