Friday, February 10, 2012

Four chord wonders

I saw this video in my Critical Study Of Pop Culture class today. The teacher put it on while he was talking about Theodor Adorno, which is funny in and of itself:

Made me wonder, have I ever resorted to this particular "I-V-vi-IV" chord pattern? I can't think of any examples, though "Stating The Obvious Again" by X-tal rocks a "I-IV-vi-V" progression, which is close. But that was supposed to be a Big Rock Anthem, and I borrowed the chords to Tracy Chapman's "Talking About A Revolution" for that one anyhow.


Davis Jones said...

What are those chords again? That was really funny. The one, the five, the minor sixth and the four... huh. None of our songs do this.. I really like our songs better. A matter of taste?

J Neo Marvin said...

You could do the same trick with a medley of 50s doo-wop songs. (I-vi-ii-IV) And then there's the ol' 12-bar blues.

Unlike Adorno, who couldn't understand Duke Ellington, let alone rock and roll, I say that it's not the formula you use, it's the details you put into it, the little twists, the mind, the emotion, the beat...

I never really liked that particular chord progression, though. It conjures up a certain hammy whininess.