Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fooled you twice, shame on who?

Oh surprise, surprise. The whole "Shirley Sherrod hates white people" scandal turns out to be a complete lie. Who would have thought that the very same guy who instigated the defunding of ACORN through laughably edited video footage would do it again, after seeing how spineless the Democrats are when an alpha bully picks on them? At least some people are paying attention.

Which is worse: a "traditional values" party run by nihilistic sociopaths who would gleefully destroy the entire planet to put a little extra change in their pockets, or a supposedly "progressive" party who consistently rolls over and plays dead because they're scared of what Fox News might say? I wish Obama was even one tenth the left-wing radical the wingnuts are convinced he is. We'd all be a lot better off.

Shirley Sherrod should be rehired and given a public apology. Andrew Breitbart should be sued for defamation of character. See how simple this is? Oh, and by the way, why didn't the Obama administration declare a state of emergency and start issuing executive orders when this BP oil spill happened, instead of letting some Bush-appointed judge keep him from placing a moratorium on the kind of risky deep-water drilling that is destroying the Gulf Of Mexico, especially after the oil companies have proven themselves incapable of and uninterested in taking responsibility when something goes wrong? Or does the "unitary executive" status he inherited from his predecessor only apply to continuing the Bush policies of secrecy, torture, war, illegal imprisonment, etc. After all, he wouldn't want Glenn Beck to call him a dictator, would he? Damn it Barack, we really want to support you; why do you pull this wimpy crap?

UPDATE: The White House shows some class after all. Lesson learned?

FURTHER UPDATE: Wow, this really is becoming a massive story now. The mainstream media are desperately wiping the egg off their faces. The MSNBC liberal media ghetto is having a field day with this, and they should. Olbermann reminded us again tonight what a pleasure it is to watch him when he's really pissed off. Again I have to ask: is our Democrats learning? All this stuff is sort of insider politics, but it's a very important indicator of whether America is capable of governing itself.

Time to quote some Richard Hell:
Look out liars and you highlife scum
who gotta keep your victims poor and dumb--
Your motives and your methods are not disguised
by your silk, soap, sex, or your smiling lies.

Look out here
you pompous jerk
Look out here
I go berserk...

You were sixty-five when you wiggled out--
your mind all twisted and your mom all shout.
I'm a man with his share of excess nice
but it can't be spared for drooling lice.
Of course, The Granite Countertops have a song that comes to mind in this event too:
And they say: “We create reality!
What we declare will be
We are the masters and we make the decrees
For the good of all…and that means us.”
Stop handing power over to these hacks already. People in the business of deliberate disinformation are not to be trusted, especially when the issue involves an innocent person's career. You'd think this crew of allegedly shrewd political operators would have a clue about this. How will they react the next time the slander circus comes to town? It won't take us long to find out.
(Graphic stolen from the ever-brilliant Watertiger, with thanks.)

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Davis Jones said...

Time for Sheepdogs

Doesn't it make you wonder?

I really want her to sue Breitbart. This fraudulent reporting should be illegal and I am not sure why the DA in his area isn't after him for this. Maybe it has to go through civil court because our justice system sucks.