Friday, June 4, 2010

Terese Taylor weekend

Terese Taylor is a friend of ours who writes compelling songs and performs them loudly and softly. Here's some of her work that we have shot over the years.

"Defrost" at the Zeitgeist, featuring San Francisco's beloved Tamale Lady:

"Had A Heart" at An Undisclosed Location (J Neo Marvin's 50th birthday celebration!)

"Hermit", a nicely jarring post-punk instrumental, from the same Undisclosed Location show:

"Call In Sick" at the Dolores Park Cafe, with guest violinist and puppy:

"Doesn't Shine" at the Zeitgeist:

And one from the Cafe Du Nord several years before. This one's a bit more fly-by-night casual as far as cinematography goes, but it's great anyhow, because it features one of her finest songs, "Goats For Daddy":

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