Saturday, January 23, 2010

I feel a movement coming on

There's something foul clogging our system that needs to be expelled and flushed. A new Constitutional amendment would go a long way towards correcting the damage our transparently corrupt Supreme Court has just set into motion. I'd like to see this campaign pick up some real momentum and have America start living up to its own myth for a change.

The right wing in America has become highly skilled at selling false populism as a cover for policies that are destructive to the very people that buy into their rhetoric. I can't wait to hear their "proof" that complete corporate control of the electoral process will give the American people more freedom. We'll probably see commercials with Fortune 500 CEOs driving pickup trucks or something to show how authentic they are. Whatever.

A salute to the good people of Maryland for spearheading this crucial proposal. Let's stand behind it.

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