Saturday, December 12, 2009

Purely fudge together a snowman in your affectation meadow!

We get a lot of guestbook spam on our various websites, most of which is just a couple garbled sentences. This morning, however, the anonymous Russians or Seychellesians or whoever they are outdid themselves with this deathless prose. These boots are made for spammin'!

Uggs have been shabby by farmers, bankers, sheepherders, shopkeepers, and now they are running an arrayal on the western totality. Sexuality ugg tall boots crossways the US, Highest Kingdom and Australia scratch our ugg boots because they dress't have to round up between conceive and satisfaction and patience.

Most of the boots currently offered for womanliness on the wrinkle advertise these days are also so cramped or meaningless that you wouldn't design of act them for every trick slow-moving. (Much fewer shoveling your driveway in the center of a Dec storm.) In lay open to recognize knowing-how in a boot you have to receive ugg women boots a menacing, moronic soled novel of your grandfather's old waders that supposedly are rightful for a female sell but in fact abscond without reservation a lot to be desired.

Our forceful Australian ugg boots for manhood throw over that plague concealed in the age. Each of our models is lightweight and upscale, doomed to see to to a schoolgirl's foot quite than bump hers to change to an antic impression beneficent to go along with some disposal experts in cities around the ugg boots uk totality that have never equal empitic three feet of snowstorm petition to be "the" plan of the juncture.

Because our boots are imaginary of uplifted virtue, insulated leathers and suedes and unsmooth with the crowing outlandish, possessory sheepskin that Australia has to attempt, you dress't have to be agitated to application on a band of our ugg boots to latitude a footpath, slide joyless a stinging alp in a foam plaything or purely fudge together a snowman in your affectation meadow.

Babelfish or Janusnode? You decide. The Mad-libbiness of this entry rivals even the delicious recipes Substance McGravitas occasionally deigns to share on Sadly No!

(UPDATE: Upon re-reading, it looks like it may actually be a badly translated version of a rant by a misogynistic curmudgeon bemoaning the appropriation of a respectable workboot by pretty fashion-conscious girls at the mall. Boo-effin-hoo, grandpa.)

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Substance McGravitas said...

Mr. Ugg Boot went nuts on Sadly, No! a week or two ago, adding to each new thread heading backwards. It was sorta weird.