Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ear Candle Radio's Top 20: October 2009

Ex-Slits guitarist Viv Albertine, who was so impressive at the Part Time Punks show at the Mezzanine a month back, vaults to the top position with a track from her limited edition four-song EP. Close behind are our own Experimental Bunnies with a long, hypnotic jam from the Biology And Physics album, and A.J. In Evolution, who actually contacted our station asking for airplay, and won us over with a flamenco-flavored instrumental. Yoko Ono, with some help from Sean, gives us a potent dose of anti-nuclear thrash-punk while Tom Lehrer serenades us with a bit of vintage satire.

Porter Wagoner's tragic ballad of the poor man in the rubber room continues to resonate with our listeners. MC5's classic "what's going on in this world?? I can't handle it!!!" rave up follows, then LaVern Baker calls on the ultimate super-mensch, Jim Dandy, and East Coast Middle-East-jazz-rock-fusioneers Consider The Source lay some sensuous grooves on your ears.

Ex-Smog mastermind Bill Callahan instructs us to put away childish things, the late Willy DeVille cautions the youth not to make the mistakes he did (in a song that the Content Providers also covered on What Is Truth?), young SF band Festizio admonish their superficial peers, Ana Da Silva and the Raincoats take us on a surreal journey, John Cale serenades medieval Spain, and the Rutles rock out in a Rat Keller style.

Johnny Cash appears with the angry pro-Native American story-song that was banned from country radio in the '60s, the Mekons and Fairport Convention represent two threads of UK folk-rock, the Buzzcocks get stuck in a mental feedback loop, and Robert Wyatt holds the #20 spot with an instrumental tribute to multicultural London.

Keep tuning in! We are putting together a new playlist soon.

1. Viv Albertine - If Love - 4 Track EP
2. The Experimental Bunnies - Our Just Rewards Are Right Around The Corner - Biology And Physics
3. A.J. In Evolution (Aka A.J. Fritscher) - A Trip In Barcelona - A Work In Progress
4. Yoko Ono/IMA - Warzone - Rising
5. Tom Lehrer - Pollution - That Was The Year That Was
6. Porter Wagoner - The Rubber Room - The Rubber Room
7. MC5 - Over And Over - The Big Bang! Best Of The MC5
8. LaVern Baker - Jim Dandy - Soul on Fire: The Best of LaVern Baker
9. Consider The Source - Patterns - Esperanto
10. Bill Callahan - Faith/Void - Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
11. Mink DeVille - Slow Drain - Le Chat Bleu
12. Festizio - Every Now And Again - Festizio
13. The Raincoats - Balloon - Moving
14. John Cale - Andalucia - Paris 1919
15. The Rutles - Blue Suede Schubert - The Rutles
16. Johnny Cash - The Ballad Of Ira Hayes - The Essential 3.0 Johnny Cash
17. The Mekons - Perfect Mirror - Natural
18. Fairport Convention - Genesis Hall - Unhalfbricking
19. The Buzzcocks - Hollow Inside - A Different Kind Of Tension
20. Robert Wyatt - On The Town Square - Comicopera


Ian Schultz said...

The album "Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian" remains my favourite Johnny Cash, it's the one with "The Ballad of Ira Hayes".

J Neo Marvin said...

That's definitely one for the Christmas list.