Saturday, August 1, 2009

(blank): The band

In response to the continuously growing plethora of bands around the world who share our conviction that The Blame is a great band name, we have decided that the duo project of Davis Jones and J Neo Marvin (with occasional honored guests) needs to be renamed.

After coming up with a whole list of clever handles and finding a Myspace page has already been created for just about every one of them, we racked our brains and scratched our heads until Davis suggested, what about The Full Disclosure Principle, which had been the title of the first Blame release? The more we kicked it around, the better it sounded, and no one else is using it. (Accounting jokes are not very big in the rock & roll scene in general, so we have staked out some new territory here.)

With a fresh name and a fresh attitude, The Full Disclosure Principle continue to piece together their first full-length album in their kitchen studio; Change Is All There Is will be the next digital release on the Ear Candle Productions label. It's gonna be a humdinger, we promise you.

UPDATE: Still working on a name. Don't think it'll be this one. Watch this space.

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