Monday, October 27, 2008

Three new international artists make the top twenty so far this month!

I am so thrilled about how Ear Candle Productions is making its way around the world. Our own "Democracy" is listened to more than 1500 times a month and we have artists sending us music all of the time for airplay on Ear Candle Radio!

Just this month, three unique artists have sent their recordings, two of whom have Halloween themes!

Marson Ramos, from Brazil, sent us "The Halloween Theme" which is now number 17 on our top twenty, which is a delightful promise from a ghost to be nice if he gets some candy! Well! Isn't that what we do on Halloween? The song is a playful and jaunty piece that makes you smile as you listen. We could use some smiles here in this political climate! Thank you Marson!

The second one offering a Halloween theme is Dean Farnell, from England called "Ghost on the Stairs", which currently sits at lucky number 13 on our top twenty. Ghost on the Stairs is a jangly indie rock song based on a true story that his mother told him about! Hmmm.... cool. Given that energy cannot be destroyed, something of our human energy must be around lingering but I would be scared to see it! But not Dean! He is quite sure that ghosts are a certainty! Check it out!

The third artist hails from Japan and his name is Takeshi Murata and his song is called "Decipher". Takeshi has his own podcast in Japan and requested a PSA from us about how we described his song, and something about our station which he will upload. So J Neo created a really cool 30 second PSA, and Takeshi is really happy! We like to make people happy, especially real gentlemen who reciprocate! Thank you Takeshi, your song is now #20 on Ear Candle Radio. Get some of your friends to vote the next time you are on so we can make sure you are one of the top twenty in your first month out!

Starting next month we will be sending out Ear Candle Radio buttons for those who make the top twenty. And for those who have in the past, we will send you one with your request, which will keep us from having to go back three years and track you.

Give us a listen. Send us your music. Airplay for the underground sound!


PS gee this is fun!


Takeshi said...

Hi ! Davis !
I'm glad to make your acquaintance.

And, Ladies and gentlemen.
Nice to meet you. I am a guitarist in Japan.

Cool PSA of J Neo is included in my podcast.
Please access and hear it.

CTKB Radio Vol.3

And... please continue your favors toward the assistance of my tune "Decipher".


J Neo Marvin said...

Thank you for your contribution to the blog, darlin'. You are a crucial part of this little radio station of ours. It's fun doing life with you. (Smooch.)

Marson Ramos said...

Thanks Davis
Thanks so much for your comments
about my song I feel very happy
to see my song being part of a
beautiful Radio like Ear Candle Radio!