Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Bunnies have arrived

We are pleased to inform you that...

It's here at last!

The technical difficulties are finally over and the first digital release by the Experimental Bunnies, Music For The Integrity Tone Scale, is up and running. Click the icon below to buy it from iTunes:

The Experimental Bunnies - Music For The Integrity Tone Scale

Neo and Davis are exceedingly proud of this collection of trippy soundtrack music they've put together with the help of the brilliant guitarist Steve Abbate and the rocking Bachmann brothers' rhythm section. It's a journey from dwelling in the pits to being your own power source, touching on all stops in between, set to music that ranges from abstract psychedelic noise to Krautrock to surf instrumentals (many of which you have already gotten a taste of on Ear Candle Radio). Now you have a chance to get these goodies on your own hard drive for your dining and dancing pleasure. Give it a listen, and please support us by buying some mp3s!

1) The Bachmann brothers' surname has been corrected! Apologies to those other German brothers, the Steinbachs, whose dynamic instrumental combo Crashing Dreams can be heard on Ear Candle Radio.

2) iTunes users out there: please test the button above and let us know whether or not it works properly. If there is a problem, we will fix it. Meanwhile, if you log into the iTunes store and do a search, you will find the Exp Buns album.

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