Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brain and brain, what is brain?

My youngest brother is a staunch, downright fanatical right-wing Republican. He also has a mildly autistic daughter. Wonder how this grabs him.

Never mind. If we were speaking, I'm sure his response would be something like "well, Michael Moore is no different, so there!"

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Davis Jones said...

Autism is a serious issue and there is press out that suggests that the increase has been caused by vaccine corruption given to the mass population of the young through the school's health system.

I hear parents can lose their kids if they don't want to give them the vaccine. Whoah.. that all sounds coercive and controlling to me.

I think we should really investigate what they are giving our children and why because this disease industry is built for profit, not preventative care and programs that promote healthy living.

Not to mention, our drugs are being made in China and the FDA does not have the manpower to inspect the medicines as they come into customs. Be careful everyone.